Customer Service Agreement the Perfect Solution for this Industrial Manufacturer

The corporate office of a Louisiana manufacturer of high-quality PVC and PE piping purchased a Quincy QSI1000 Compressor and QPNC2200 Dryer from Compressed Air Systems, south Louisiana’s only Quincy Full Line Master Distributor. After the system was purchased, Compressed Air System’s reached out to the Louisiana manufacturer to inquire about service on the new equipment and the manufacturer was in the process or price shopping. Through the years the manufacturer had some staff changes and there was no record of service on its air compressors. With no mechanics on site, every time there was production downtime due to a compressor issue, the manufacturer had to reach out for service.

Compressed Air Systems suggested the manufacturer would benefit from its Customer Service Agreement which would provide access to reliable records of service and ensure scheduled service on all its existing and new compressed air equipment to minimize unexpected downtime.

After a year of staying in touch with the manufacturer and providing service on a recent need, the manufacturer made the decision to sign a one-year Basic Customer Service Agreement with Compressed Air Systems. The service agreement covers all labor for scheduled maintenance which encompasses system safety, controls, electrical, and basic system checks, as well as preventive inspections and some parts. The manufacturer is relieved to have a solution in place that provides a record for system maintenance and a more proactive plan to reduce production downtime to better meet its customers delivery expectations.

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