New Compressed Air System Helps Customer Save Over 200% in Maintenance Costs

A Louisiana-based precision aerospace machine shop was having reliability issues due to an older, inefficiently constructed compressed air system. The air compressor was larger than necessary for the operating demand and was also constructed with insufficient compressed air storage. This led to reliability issues with the compressed air system and frequent interruptions in shop production, which resulted in increased maintenance costs, increased energy consumption and lost production revenue.

The customer contacted Compressed Air Systems, South Louisiana’s only Quincy master distributor, to explore how their premier products and expertise could provide the shop with reliable, cost-efficient solutions.

Compressed Air Systems performed a system air audit to get to the root of the reliability issues, and presented an operating cost analysis. Based on the audit data, Compressed Air Systems recommended a smaller, more energy-efficient air compressor and additional compressed air storage. The advanced features of the new, high-efficiency Quincy compressed air system significantly reduced compressor run time, which helped the customer experience power cost savings of 60%, and maintenance cost savings of 200% (based on previous years maintenance and repairs). The new system also eliminated production losses due to compressed air related issues. The shop now has piece of mind, and is thrilled to have continuous operations that allow them to focus on production and increasing revenue.

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