Oilfield Production Company Gains Peace of Mind With Compressed Air Systems

An oilfield production company in Youngsville, LA needed a reliable instrument air system to operate the pneumatic controls in multiple midstream natural gas facilities. The instrument air systems needed to be able to operate in adverse environmental conditions.

The production company, having previously worked with Compressed Air Systems to provide similar systems, contacted Compressed Air Systems in search of a compressed air solution that could handle the harsh plant conditions and eliminate downtime.

Compressed Air Systems presented the customer with a compressor package that could operate in severe conditions with redundant features. The oilfield production company was impressed with Compressed Air Systems’ application knowledge, experience and willingness to assist in all areas from concept to construction. The customer now has confidence that plant operations are running smoothly. They have peace of mind knowing that downtime has been eliminated, and that Compressed Air Systems makes its plant operations a top priority.

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