Quincy Air Compressors Saves CN Railroad Millions of Dollars with Reliable Compressed Air

CN Railroad is a transportation leader that has over 24,000 employees and provides over 20,000 miles of rail in North America. Compressed air is used for charging the brake system for the trains, and the FRA requires every train have 85 pounds of compressed air before it leaves the yard. A problem with the brake system could not only cost the company millions of dollars, but potentially cost lives as well. After experiencing several breakdowns in the yard, CN Railroad contacted Compressed Air Systems for compressed air solutions that could provide the compressed air reliability and efficiency that is critical to the company’s operations.

Compressed Air Systems, South Louisiana’s only Quincy Compressor Master Distributor, installed a Quincy QGV-50 variable speed air compressor to charge the railroad brake system. A single Quincy QGV-50 air compressor can charge up to 200 to 300 boxcars at a time. CN Railroad chose Quincy because of its reputation for reliability and selected a variable speed model because of the efficiency it provides.

The high-quality, clean compressed air has prevented them from having to spend thousands of dollars replacing equipment that breaks down due to freezing wet air as the trains travel North. The new Quincy air compressor saved the company around $30,000 due to more efficient operations and the elimination of maintenance and repair costs, providing an 18-month return on investment. Watch the video to learn more.

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