Quincy AIRnet Aluminum Piping System Offers Tank Truck Transporter and Logistics Provider Peace of Mind

New Piping Leads to Improved Safety and Increased Productivity

A Louisiana tank truck transporter and logistics provider that delivers fuels, chemicals, specialty products, food products and industrial gases to all 48 contiguous states, Canada and Mexico was experiencing damage to the air piping in its truck maintenance shop. Over time, the piping, which was done in PVC pipe, began to rupture and burst, causing unsafe working conditions for employees, and the maintenance necessary to repair the piping was negatively impacting productivity.

The tank truck transporter called the compressed air experts at Compressed Air Systems for a solution.

Quincy AIRnet aluminum piping Compressed Air Systems provided a comprehensive quote for Quincy AIRnet aluminum piping with turnkey installation for a more durable solution to the customer’s air piping needs. Engineered with system efficiency, air quality and system reliability in mind, Quincy’s AIRnet aluminum piping system offered the customer a minimal total cost of ownership, unlike traditional systems in which leaks and corrosion can occur over time. With a safety factor of four, Quincy’s AIRnet aluminum piping system offered a much safer alternative to the PVC piping system the customer had previously installed. In addition, since AIRnet is offered in a wide variety of sizes to accommodate virtually all installation needs and pressure requirements, Compressed Air Systems was able to fully customize an AIRnet aluminum piping system to fit the customer’s unique air piping requirements.

The new piping system offered the customer peace of mind, knowing the new and improved air piping system was much more durable than the PVC piping system. The reduction in unexpected leaks and bursts has also helped the customer increase worker safety, decrease productivity downtime and save on energy and maintenance costs.

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